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Private Lending

Secure a short-term return rate that works for you

Joint Venture Partnership

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The benefits of investing as a private lender

Are you someone who’s looking to continue to grow their capital without having to commit to long-term investment? If so, then private lending might be just for you. As a private lender, you can expect:

- A strong short-term return rate on your investment.

- The opportunity to pick and choose the investments you’d like to fund. 

- A new, low-risk, passive income stream.

But most importantly, you’re becoming a part of our trusted established markets and distribution channels. This comes with its community and perks.

The process

Discovery process

During our discovery process we assess the investments that best suit your financial goals. 


Timeline overview:

  • First, interested investors can request a discovery meeting here. (Please make sure to specify your interest in real estate investing).

  • Then, your request will be followed by an email with a questionnaire. These answers will allow our team to pre-assess your needs and come to our initial meeting with a clear understanding of your financial goals. 

  • Once your survey is submitted, one of our investors will reach out by phone or email to book a discovery meeting

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How does it work?

Our process with private lenders is quite simple. Here’s an overview of our timeline:

  • First, we have interested investors book a discovery call.

  • During our discovery meeting, our investors get a better understanding of your financial goals. 

  • Once all information is collected, our investors begin the pairing process for your funds with our current investments. 

  • If a project is agreed on, we define a contract that works for all parties and begin the investing process.

Ready to start investing?

Find out the best investment opportunity for you with this two-minute survey


Hear it from our investors

What an experience! We were blown away by the knowledge and expertise the Pal Property team brought to the table. We were new to real estate, and having them to invest with and educate us has made it a much more pleasant experience. Thanks to them our new daughter's college fund will be growing with amazing returns! Thank you so much!

Russel Hunt

Working with Pal Property Solutions as a joint venture partner has been such a great experience. The professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm that Alex brings to the table are very much appreciated. As a first-time investor just starting into real estate investing, I found this experience to be easy and fun. Alex was always available to answer my questions and walk me through the things that I needed to do for this project, and now I am the part-owner of an investment property - something that I was previously not sure I could do. I am very happy that I dipped my toe into this exciting investment opportunity!

Nora Kiss

If someone is looking to invest their money and don't know where and how to start, I would say Pal Property Solutions is the answer to that... Very professional and organized team... Highly recommended…

Rubleen Kaur

What is Private Lending?

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