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About Us

Are you someone who...

Has money to invest, but not the time?


Has the time AND the funds?


Has the time, but not the funds?


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Who We Are

From business partners to husband and wife team, we’ve got all the bases covered. 


As Canadian investors, we have a deep-rooted love and admiration for being part of our generation’s renaissance and contributing towards the gentrification of towns all across North America. We both have a sincere passion for real estate investing, and an even greater desire to help other people feel what financial freedom can do for them

Alex Pal

At just 14, Alex learned what it meant to create passive income and it quickly grew into a passion. His love for building engineer and real estate turned him into an investor.


Since founding Pal Property Solutions, Alex has transitioned from doing his deals to partnering with others to collectively create generational wealth. The secret to his success? Treating each investor like his business partner

Co-founder, investor, real estate agent, building engineer

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Kaely Pal

Kaely is a self-starter, and master negotiator with an eye for design. Her goal with each project is to optimize space while respecting the charm. 


Before Pal Property Solutions, Kaely was working for a real estate investment firm where she fell in love with the opportunities available within the industry. Now she uses her experience to help others reach financial freedom.

Real estate agent, real estate investor, project manager

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