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Free real estate invesing book

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” - ​​Warren Buffett

We’ve documented our real estate investing journey to guide yours


Our daily duties include the management and execution of construction projects of various sizes.

Rennovation hours


We have bought, sold, refinanced and leased a substantial volume of properties and only continue to expand.

Worth of property saved


… this is probably an understatement.

Cups of coffee consumed

Meet the team

From business partners to husband and wife team, we’ve got all the bases covered. 

Both being Hamilton locals, we have a deep-rooted love and admiration for being part of our generation’s renaissance and contributing towards the gentrification of towns all across North America. We have a sincere passion for real estate investing and an even greater desire to help other people feel what financial freedom can do for them and their families.

Meet the team

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“All my lessons from my first two years investing packed into 83 pages.” - Alex Pal

One investor with a versatile cv

$14,426,000 worth of property served

83 pages covering the key elements of real estate investing

Geeting Your Foot in the Door Book its a free book on real estate investing in Hamilton

You can see this book as...

  • Guidance in your research phase. It’s a quick read overviewing my lessons learned during the first few years in real estate.

  • A realistic base for your industry goals.

  • A dictionary to build your real estate vocabulary.

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